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the oldest German singing society in the Washington area

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last update: September 4, 2022

   Photos / Audios / Videos
    Photos are stored in Google Photo Albums.

    2022 June 18, 54th Saengerfest of the Nordoestlicher Saengerbund in Lancaster, PA
            Photo of Washington Saengerbund singing at Lancaster.
            Video of Washington Saengerbund recital at Lancaster.
            Video of the complete 2022 Saengerfest performance including German and
               USA National anthems, all single choruses, and the mass chorus (starts at 1:11:12).
                            (videos credit: Christopher Knoedler, conductor of the Saengerbund)

    2022 Spring concert
            Photos May 1 at the Parish House of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Middleburg, Va.

    2021 Christmas caroling
            Dec 12 at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel, Washington, D.C.
            first public performance after almost two years of hiatus due to COVID-19

    From December 2019 to December 2021 the Washington Saengerbund
    gave no public concerts due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

    2020 Fasching Masquerade Party
            Feb 15 at the Elks Lodge Ballroom, Fairfax, Va.

    2019 Fall Concert and Christmas Concerts
            Fall Concert Nov. 2 at Elks Lodge VA
            Christmas Concerts Dec. 8 at Willard Hotel and Dec. 15 at United Church.

    2019 Spring Concert
            April 28 at United Church/Vereinigte Kirche
              Conductor Stephen Ackert
              Soprano Soloist Alexandra Dilley - Piano David Chapman

    2019 Fasching Masquerade Ball
            March 9 at the Elks Lodge Ballroom, Fairfax, Va.

    2018 Christmas Concerts
               December 2 at Historic Willard Hotel
               December 16 at United Church/Vereinigte Kirche
                     Listen to the Washington Sängerbund
                     o   “Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht

    2018 June 2 - 53rd Saengerfest of the
                          Nordeoestlicher Saengerbund in Philadelphia, PA

    2018 Apr. 22 & May 12 Spring Concerts with Delaware Saengerbund

    2018 Feb. 10 Fasching Masquerade Ball

    2017 Dec. 10 & 17 Christmas Concerts at the Willard Hotel and at United Church

    2017 Nov. 4 Fall Concert

    2017 May 29 Memorial Day at Prospect Hill Cemetery

    2017 May 13 Spring Concert

    2017 Feb. 25 Fasching/Masquerade Ball

    2016 Sep. 24 Oktoberfest in Lovettsville
            Oct. 1    Oktoberfest in Shirlington

    2016 Apr. 24 Washington Saengerbund 165th Anniversary

    2016 Feb. 6 Fasching/Masquerade Ball

    2015 Fall and Christmas concert events.

    2015 Sep. 26 & Oct. 11 Oktoberfests in Lovettsville and Shirlington

    2015 Feb. 21 Fasching Masquerade Ball

    2014 Dec. 14 Christmas Concert at United Church

    2014 Nov. 14 Fall Concert at the Embassy of Austria
            Listen to the Washington Sängerbund sing
                o   Ave verum by W.A.Mozart.
                o   Zottelmarsch by Degreif.

    2014 Oct. 24-26 Capon Springs rehearsal retreat
            Watch a short movie of the Capon Springs rehearsal retreat
               Windows Media Player
               Apple QuickTime Player

    2014 Oktoberfests in Lovettsville and Shirlington, VA

    2014 May 26 Memorial Day (and clean-up on May 10)

    2014 May 3 Spring Concert

    2014 March 1 Fasching Masquerade Ball

    2013 November 9 Fall Concert
            Listen to the Washington Sängerbund sing
                o   Jägerchor by Carl Maria von Weber.

    2013 October 5 Oktoberfest in Shirlington, VA

    2013 September 28 Oktoberfest in Lovettsville, VA

    2013 June 21-23 Sängerfest at the Nordamerikanischer Saengerbund in Milwaukee

    2013 May 27 Memorial Day at Prospect Hill

    2013 April 20  Annual Spring Concert

    2013 February 9  Fasching Masquerade Ball

    2012 December 16  Christmas Concert at United Church

    2012 December 7  Christmas at the Heurich House Museum

    2012 November 3  Fall concert

    2012 October 6  Oktoberfest Shirlington, Va

    2012 September 29  Oktoberfest Lovettsville, Va

    2012 June 1-3  51st NOSB Saengerfest in Allentown, Pa

    2012 May 28  Memorial Day Service at Prospect Hill Cemetery
            with dedication of grave marker for Julius Viedt

    2012 April 21 Spring Concert

    2012 February 18 Fasching / Mardi Gras Ball

    2011 December 18 Christmas Concert at United Church

    2011 December 10 Christmas carols at Heurich Museum

    2011 November 5 Fall Concert

    2011 October 8 Micro Brewers Oktoberfest in Shirlington, Va

    2011 September 24 Oktoberfest in Lovettsville, Va

    2011 May 30 Memorial Day Service at Prospect Hill Cemetery

    2011 April 30 160th Anniversary Spring Concert
            at the Durant Center of the Performing Arts in Alexandria, Va

    2011 April 16 160th Anniversary Banquet at Alfio's in Bethesda, Md

    2011 March 5 Fasching Mardi Gras at the Kena Ballroom

    2010 December 4 and 19 Christmas at the Brewmaster’s Castle
            with conductor Herb Traxler, and Concert at United Church
            with guest conductor Dingwall Fleary

    2010 November 6 Fall Concert at Kena Ball Room
            with guest conductor Dingwall Fleary

    2010 October 13-17 Gesangverein Hofbieber, Germany
            Listen to one of their selections at the United Church
            “Gloria by Emily Crocker”

    2010 October 2 Oktoberfest in Shirlington, VA

    2010 September 26 Oktoberfest in Lovettsville, VA

    2010 July 24 & 25 Reading Liederkranz 125th anniversary

    2010 May 21 - Spring Concert “Im wunderschönen Monat Mai” (Beautiful May)
            performed in the auditorium of the German Embassy.

    2010 February 13 Fasching/Masquerade Ball at Kena Ballroom

    2009 December 27 Christmas Concert at United Church
            (moved from 12/20/2009 due to snow storm)

    2009 November 15 Fall Concert ‘Mostly Mendelssohn’ at Fairfax Ball Room

    2009 Sept 26 and October 3 Lovettsville and Shirlington Octoberfests

    2009 July 18 50th Anniversary of NS Nuclear Ship Savannah with Arion Gesangverein

    2009 June 28 Concert at the Natl. Gallery of Art

    2009 May 22-24 50th Sängerfest of the Nordöstlicher Sängerbund in Washington, DC

    2009 February 21 Fasching - Mardi Gras at the Fairfax Ballroom

    2008 December 21 ’Weihnachtskonzert’ at United Church

    2008 December 6 Christmas at the Brewmaster's Castle

    2008 November 22 Fall Concert "Im Wald und auf der Heide" at Scottish Rite Center

    2008 October 4 Shirlington, VA Oktoberfest

    2008 September 29 Kreis-Sängervereinigung Solingen/Germany visits the Washington Sängerbund

    2008 September 27 Lovettsville, VA Oktoberfest

    2008 April 26 Spring Concert with guest chorus Teutonia 1854, Pittsburgh, PA

    2008 February 2 Fasching - Mardi Gras at the Kena Ballroom

    2007 December 16 ’Weihnachtskonzert’ at United Church

    2007 December 8 Christmas at the Brewmaster's Castle

    2007 November 17 Fall Concert Mozart‘s “Sancta Maria, mater Dei” at St.Ann's Catholic Church

    2007 Oktober 6 Shirlington, VA Oktoberfest

    2007 September 29 Lovettsville, VA Oktoberfest

    2006 November 11 and November 19 Fall Concert ‛German Opera and Operetta“
            at the Residence of the Swiss Embassy (11/11), and the Scottish Rite Center (11/19)

    2006 June 2-4 Sängerfest in Lancaster, PA

    2006 April 22 Spring Concert ’Liebeslieder and Other Songs of Spring’ at Scottish Rite Center

    2005 November 9 Fall Concert ‘Bunt sind schon die Wälder’ at the Embassy of Austria
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